RHUL Netball 1sts 25 - 39 Brunel 4ths

RHUL Netball 1sts 23 - 25 Queen Mary 1sts

As first game of the season, the firsts were looking forward to properly playing together for the first time. With only the bare 7 available to play due to injury from Katherine Hall and other reasons, it was inevitably going to be a challenge against the Queen Mary 1sts. We were yet to be comfortable with each other’s styles of play but were confident that we would play at a high standard. With captain Cassie Goodfellow winning the first centre pass we had a promising start, unfortunately this centre was quickly turned around by Queen Mary to give them an 2-0 lead at the beginning of the first quarter. This tiny lead carried through to the second quarter where a change of positions was made, Holly Alexander changed from WA to C and Liv Darcee Pitt vice versa. Alongside this change the defence in the circle really started to affect the opposition’s shooting, GK Cassie Goodfellow and GD Chloe Nkomo gelled incredibly well together in the defensive circle; as well as both Ashleigh Barber and Issy Neal-Hooke’s attacking tactics in the circle becoming more and more effective. By the end of the third quarter the score was 21-21. It was a tense final quarter and we managed to take the lead by a few goals, but unfortunately this lead did not last for long. A few quick interceptions from Queen Mary and a couple shots narrowly missing the net from Royal Holloway meant that Queen Mary managed to scrape back the lead from us, ending with a narrow 25-23 win to the Queen Mary 1sts. The 1sts were absolutely gutted about the narrow loss, however we were quick to turn this loss around into a positive learning curve – things could only improve as the team started to mesh together! A well-deserved player of the match went to Chloe Nkomo (GD) for her quick movement around the court and interceptions that made the loss as narrow as it was. Well done girls excellent performance.

Holly Casley, Vice Captain

RHUL Netball 2nds 30 - 27 St Georges Medics

On Monday 18th October, Emma Gray (RHUL Netball 2nd team captain) led an eager troop of 8 to the realms of St Georges Hospital Medical School, excited to begin their venture in winning this year’s ULU league. After a quick fifteen minute warm up the whistles blew and we knew that it was time to show these medics that nobody on the court would need CPR anytime soon, RHUL Seconds were ready. The first quarter was our best, with centre court moving quickly and efficiently, and the tidy aim of Emma Gray and Siobhan Gardiner securing us an early lead. By half time the gap between the goals was closing in, St Georges made some silly mistakes which we picked up on; let’s hope they’re not that clumsy on the operating table! Defence made some fantastic interceptions, with Catie Barnes persisting and succeeding in her role as goal defence. Emma Gray won player of the match after a fantastic game just popping the balls into the net, and the final score wrapped up as 27-30, a fantastic win for the seconds for our first game of the season. Stick to the stethoscopes St George’s!

Laura Bibby, 2nd team

RHUL Netball 2nds 19 - 30 Brighton 4ths

The 2nds started off their BUCS campaign this year with a tough fixture against Brighton. Although the team struggled with players missing due to other committments, everyone adapted brilliantly and played with determination and stamina. The game was close all the way through, and the 2nds reached half time with a 1 point lead. Brighton, however, stepped up their game in the last half and played with aggression which saw the scoreline widen only in the last quarter. Jen Edwards and Mel Brown made a brilliant defense partnership despite having never played together, which saw Mel win a well-deserved 'player of the match'. Despite the loss, the 2nds really stepped up the standard against a very good opponent and came away feeling very positive about the season ahead.

Steph Bissell, Secretary

RHUL Netball 3rds 7 - 53 Brunel 6ths

RHUL Netball 3rds 6 - 38 UCL 3rds

The 3rds faced a tough start to the season, facing newly relegated UCL 3rd team. Despite the loss, all players showed a tremendous effort and there is potential for the 3rds to do very well this year under new captain Katy Evans.

Player of the match:

RHUL Netball 4ths 11 - 5 Royal Free and University College Medical School

The 4ths team, despite only having seven players, played with a strong sense of team spirit. It was a fantastic performance for the first match of the season, winning 11-5. The girls came with the right attitude saying, "we didn't come to Brixton to lose!", and they were right. Overall it was a very encouraging game and may the girls continue as they began! Tara, our captain, won 'player of the match'.

Philippa Denlegh-Maxwell, 4ths Vice-captain