Katherine's & Catie's Charity Events - LET'S SUPPORT THEM

As a club we are very proud of both Kitty and Catie for taking on huge challenges in their quest to raise money for charity...

Katherine will take part in a parachute jump on 9th April 2011 in aid of a charity that is very close to her heart - PARKINSON'S UK. Amazingly she is just £132 off her target of £2000 so let's help her not only achieve it, but exceed it!


Catie is fulfilling her dream of raising money for Childreach International - a charity that supports and fights for childrens' basic rights to clean water, food, education and a better lifestyle - by cycling an epic 700km through the Indian Himilayas in June 2011! Please support her by donating anything you can, as she has a huge amount to raise before she even gets on a bike!


Our girls really appreciate anything you can give to their amazing causes, and we wish them the best of luck in their events! GO ON THE K/CATHERINES!!!