Drum Rolls Please for the New Committee....

So to those of you who are new to the club, at the end of each season we hold elections for four absolutely vital positions in the club- these four are the eyes, the ears and the balls of netball, organising matches, coaching, TOUR!!, getting you drunk and that admin stuff that nobody wants to do...but somebody has to do it and solong as you guys keep loving netball it is an absolute pleasure!!

So at the top table, queen of the club and ultimately the girl who rules the roost Katherine Hall!

Katherine aka Kitty aka Kitty Kat is our President of netball for 2011/2012

Katherine studies English

Literature, is bound to make you wet yourself laughing and will 100% always be there for you with any queries, qualms or general needs! She was Vice president last year and did a fab job, she know

s what she's doing and will put her all into making sure that the club is run to the best it can be.

Our Vice President for 2011/2012 is the fabulous Mary Smallwood, going into her second year, Mary is organised,
caring and a great pe
rson to talk to, and as Kitty's right hand chick may have to buy some ear plugs... I joke! All jokes aside the pair are a fantastic duo, both conscientious and hard-working. Their undoubtable skill on the netball court and knowledge of the game has been efficiently focused on creating a solid foundation for this club to be built upon.

The lady who will be organising the antics that we get up to on our nights out is the beautiful Hannah Kelly! Tradition within not only the club but the university is the sports social evening which is a Wednesday evening social. After all of the clubs
have won their matches (obviously!) we spend the evening together celebrating and bonding as a club. Often teams tend to bond easily as they play together but we see club bonding as essential, and not in the 'team-building exercise' annoying kind of way, but the eat out/drink out/ dance socialising manner so we can chat, have fun and enjoy being a club- and show all of the other clubs that we are the best on campus! Hannah is fun-loving, bubbly and really approachable, her intentions are for us purely to have a laugh and enjoy being a part of the club and if that involves getting us rather intoxicated then so it shall be! But please dont think socials are purely about drinking, if you dont drink then thats not a problem at all- you will still have some of the best nights of your life- never to be forgotten!

And then theres me, Laura Bibby, previous social secretary and desperate to prove in my third and final year that I am capable of being organised, efficient and oh so serious, and not just get drunk and go crazy...well not all of the time! I will be doing the admin, updating the Facebook and RHUL NETBALL BEARS page with up to date match reports, vital club info such as socials and tours and just general netball musings!

So there you are that's the committee so far this year and we are all so so excited to meet the new freshers, returners and anybody else who wants to be a part of RHUL Netball 2011/2012! Add us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/rhulnetball/

We have a taster session on Founders Courts at 1pm THIS sunday thats the 20th September.....come and have some fun, try some netball and then we can all go play and drink down Monkeys....Kapeesh?! See you in FRESHERSSSSS!!!

A New Year is dawning....


The forthcoming year has been said to be prolific, magnificent and challenging....the Olympics, the diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II...potentially doomsday/apocalypse/the end of the world. Some are fact some are beliefs. But the most important event in the forthcoming year which is not a mere belief but an imminent FACT...is the success, the achievement and the prosperity of RHUL BEARS NETBALL CLUB 2011/2012!!

This year will inevitably be prolific, magnificent and challenging, yet we will succeed with grace and a smile, just the way that we here at the Netball club like it!

SO...The 2011/2012 committee would like to say a HUGE, MASSIVE, NETBALLY welcome to the Royal Holloway Freshers and ask you to join us in this year's mission in becoming the Universities most Successful, Charitable, Friendly and utterly AWESOME club of all Sports and Societies...